Special and Memorable Occasions

Different occasions, such as weddings, gala nights, Christmas celebrations, or social events would only be complete if there is some form of entertainment.

You need to liven up the event and keep your guests entertained. One great way to do this is to have professional singers.

When it comes to making the event special and memorable, In the Mood Four can provide a fitting tribute with our melodies. Regardless of the occasion, we can provide the music to add to the celebration.

The Voices Behind the Music

In the Mood Four consists of some of the finest and most talented singers in Brisbane. We have years of experience in performing at special events as wedding singers, Christmas carol singers, and even musicians during funerals. With our melodies and voices, you can expect a new touch to music—not just the usual quartet you see during events.


In the Mood Four helps arrange music that will give life to the event. We can provide a list of recommended songs and help you choose those that fit the occasion. We perform a wide range of songs, from classical opera-style music to some of today’s favourites. Some of our performances include:

a themed evening of love songs, favourite golden oldies or war songs
a lavish evening of opera complete with formal elegance
heavenly Christmas Carolers
a rousing national anthem
stunning classical soloist
Available for corporate or private engagements, weddings, funerals or anthems

Ensembles, instrumentalists available on request

If you need a quartet for your corporate event or a wedding singer in Brisbane, you know who to call. Please phone or email to discuss how I can help you make your occasion magical with …A song to remember…

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