entertainment checklist - Brisbane Wedding Musicians

Planning Entertainment? Here is your basic need to know checklist!

I regularly get calls from clients looking for entertainment and here are my most popular questions that I put back to them…

  1. Number of people (approximately) attending your event. This is important as it let’s us know upfront if we are going to need sound equipment or if we are able to do the job acoustically.
  2. What would you like the artists to do / did you have a specific idea in mind?
  3. Is you event themed?
  4. Does the venue have a piano in the room? Does it need to be tuned? (We do have portable instruments that we can use but it is different logistics as set up time is required).
  5. Venue and accessibility if we are carrying lots of equipment.
  6. Time of event
  7. Time artists are required and how long you would like them to perform.
  8. Sound check requirements