Create the WOW factor!

D'Arne Sleeman Performs on stage for UDIA Corporate Event

Have you ever wondered the best way to utilise entertainers in a corporate setting?

Think about inserting some fun musical excerpts to back a keynote speaker ?
Perhaps give them the full cream of opera experience. Have singers mingle with your guests and suddenly break into song or create the full diva experience with gorgeous period costumes.  

With enough notice music can help to theme your event: Songs about Love, An Evening in Venice or perhaps A little bit of Naughty and a little bit of Nice!

Conferences are generally long days of listening and your guests also want to talk to each other.
Having entertainment is fantastic to bring some WOW factor but keep it short.

Normally a fifteen minute set between courses is ample. People still need time to run to the powder room and chat about the day’s events. Always leave them wanting more!

Longer sets are great for creating ambience. Perhaps have something festive like carollers at the entrance for a Christmas function or music/songs selected to help set the scene as your guests arrive for your corporate event!  

String quartet, solo piano or guitar all work well as ambient music whilst people are enjoying dinner.  
Save a spot in the evening for a featured act as a surprise during your event, followed by a band for some dancing into the night.

Looking for innovative ways to utilise entertainment to create your WOW factor, connect with me.

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