Flowers and what they Mean - Wedding Singer

When you select flowers, what are you really saying?

As I sing at weddings, funerals and events, I am always fascinated by clients choices of flowers. For many, flowers hold a special meaning and can say something quite specific about your event.   For example, an oriental lily gives a status of beauty, class and style whilst the red rose is symbolic of romance, beauty and perfection.

Here is a few other flowers and their meanings:

  • Gerbera: Beauty, innocence and purity
  • Tulips: Comfort and warmth, elegance
  • Pink Lilies: Friendship & devotion
  • Orchids: Rare, love, beauty, luxury and strength
  • Carnations: Fascination and new love
  • Sunflowers: Warmth and happiness and loyalty
  • Irises: Royalty, faith and hope and wisdom
  • Gardenias: Deep old fashioned love
  • Daffodil: Unrequited love, sunny, happiness
  • Sweet Pea: Good-bye, departure, thank you

What special meaning do flowers have for you? Perhaps they conjure a special memory or event in your life. Maybe they just make you smile.

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